The Practice & Art of Thinking

About Me and the Blog

In my working life as an Architect, academic and as a consultant to corporations (management and innovation), I have found myself solving problems and addressing issues in a different way to what most other people do.

This different way of doing things, knowing, understanding and making sense of the world is what I am going to explore in my blog. Following Linda Silverman’s work, I strongly fall under the category of being a ‘Visual Thinker’. Hence, the name of the blog – “Visuality”.

This blog explores visual thinking and a variety of issues relating to visual thinking. It will span theory to practice and, at times, topics might appear to be thinly connected. I will be building a model, through this blog, that will be useful to business for better problem-solving.

The questions I’ll be mainly exploring are:

  • What is thinking?
  • What is visual thinking?
  • Why are we becoming aware of visual thinking as a process?
  • Is it an important aspect of thinking?
  • How does it differ, if at all, from other forms of thinking?
  • Is visual thinking reserved to some privileged few or does every mortal have this ability?
  • How can visual thinking be used?
  • What are the benefits of visual thinking?

I am aiming to write one post per week. If you want to contact me, just leave a comment.

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