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Announcing SenseCatcher Problem-Solving Software

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You might have noticed that I have not being blogging for awhile. The reason is that I have been very busy with the final touches of our new visual problem solving software that will be launching soon. There is quite a bit involved in launching software and this includes the website. I am hoping that the launch will be within the next 2-3 months.

This blog will also change in look. It will be integrated with the website but you will still be able to access it via the old link.

I am also busy writing a white paper and possibly an e-book on problem solving /visual thinking and the software.

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If you are interested in being notified when the software will be launched and/or if you want to receive our free e-book/white paper, head over to and leave your email address. Your personal details will be kept confidential, don’t worry.

You might be interested to know what the software does. Briefly, SenseCatcher is a visual tool that will enable you to unlock and make sense of complex problems or situations and harness the power of visual thinking to target core issues with ease and confidence every time. Often we are overloaded with ideas, documents, spreadsheets, half-finished proposals and so on.

SENSE CATCHER ORGANISES THIS CLUTTER VISUALLY. Your screen becomes a high-tech feltboard, with high-impact imagery and smart tools so you can attach links, recordings, notes etc and also generate coloured heatmaps that make the big issues stand out. Doesn’t matter what industry or sector you are from, SenseCatcher will help to visualize the problem-situation more dynamically than using PostIt notes or mindmaps.

I’ll let you know more about the features of the software closer to launch. Meanwhile, head over to to register your interest.

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